Buy Dogecoins

Here you will learn how to buy Dogecoins through Binance!

Dogecoin is going to the moon and we at are going there to! Are you coming with us on the rocket?

To buy Dogecoins we will use the cryptocurrency market Binance.

First you need to get verified, then you can buy your first Dogecoin. 

There are three ways to buy Dogecoin from Binance.

  • Deposit Cash (low fees but slow)
  • Card Payment (higher fees, but instant)
  • Deposit Crypto (no fees, but requires that you already have cryptocurrency)

In this guide we will teach you how to buy Dogecoins with your card.

Buy Dogecoins with Card Payment

We will make our account using our computer, and do the verification with our mobile phone. We will also need a passport for verification so make sure you have all three close at hand.

Signing up for Binance

Start of by signing up at Binance and make an account. At Binance you will buy Dogecoins. Enter the account details you want and make sure that you decide on a long, good password, that you won’t forget.

Activating your Binance Account

Go to your email and find your registration code however you might have to wait a short while for the email. Copy the activation code and paste it into Binance’s window.

Find your registration code

Activate the account by pasting in the verification code.

Account verification

Verifying your identity

If you have a computer with a webcam, you can use your computer for verification but because not all people have that, we will continue the verification process through the Binance app. They have both an Apple and an Android version of the app and you can download the Binance app here

Open the Binance app and login in and after that we will need to verify our identity.

Press in the top left corner to go to the settings menu and then you press the top right corner of the settings screen to start the verification on the phone. Make sure you have your passport ready. Follow all the instructions given by the Binance app.

First click here.

Find verification

Continue to verification by clicking here.

Navigating to verification

Once you are finished you will be returned to the settings screen and the verification process can take up to a couple of hours, so you will have to wait for that. 

When the process is finished you will be notified via email, and the top right icon in your settings menu will turn green.

You are verified

Buying Dogecoin

Find the Binance Buy Screen

Once the verification is complete it is time to buy Dogecoin and we will use the computer for that.

First login to your Binance account on your computer. Hover over the Buy Crypto icon and select Credit/Debit Card

Where to click to buy crypto

Buy Dogecoins

Now you are at the crypto buy screen. To buy Dogecoin, do the following.

  1. Select how much Dogecoin you want to buy and in what currency.
  2. Important! Select Dogecoin as the cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  3. Click Buy DOGE
Buying Dogecoins

Now you will be asked to fill out your credit card details. Do that and press next and finish adding your card and press Buy Doge.

Confirming payment to buy Dogecoins

Now you will come to the accept conversion rate screen where you will see the exact details of the transaction you are about to make.

Accept the offer within 60 seconds.

Final step to buy Dogecoins

If the transaction goes through successfully, you have just purchased some Dogecoin.

To view your Dogecoin in Binance, hover over Wallet and then click Fiat and Spot.